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My (sort of) Yoga Routine

yogaposesOK… so 3 days into full-time work I’m already a self-proclaimed expert on office-based posture pests. Tight calves from clopping around in heels, achey handbag shoulder, slouching in front of a computer all day… sound familiar? During my 6 month internship in Paris my back problems did my head in so I’m determined not to let it get any worse, and luckily this time round I’m much better equipped to sort my posture out.
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Send & Receive


This week was quite a hectic one with not one but two interviews to prepare for. Cue lots of running around London, ransacking my wardrobe in search of a good outfit and just visualising the large glass of wine waiting for me at the end of it. So it was a nice surprise when I saw a little handwritten envelope waiting for me on the doormat postmarked Nashville, TN. My Dad shouted up, ‘Kate- there’s something from America for you here!’

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Food Lover: creative cooking on the 5:2 diet


Two weeks in and I’m rather enjoying this Fast Diet lark. And so, it seems, does the entire adult population of the UK- you only have to glance at the plethora of 5:2 variations in Waterstone’s to see how much of a bandwagon it is that I’ve jumped right on. This is probably because it really doesn’t feel like a diet at all- I eat what I want most days and quite like the challenge of having to be creative with recipes on the 2 fast days. Waking up with a flatter stomach than normal the next morning is just the icing on the cake, as it were. Continue reading

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Instagram: Spring ’13

I’m a huge Instagram fan and am always snapping away. Follow me here!

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When I decided to start a blog about travel, fashion, food, and life as a language student, I turned to my comedian friend Dave for name inspiration. The name has to be short and interesting, I said, as well as original. I felt his creativity would prove invaluable in this dilemma. After 5 minutes of thought he replied with the following names:

1. Raand ‘an’ abaat (pun on the london way of saying round about)
2. or Round ‘n’ about
3. Jusqu’ici [up to now]
4. Steh auf – es gibt viel zu sehen [Get up – there’s lots to see]
5. Auf dem Weg [on the road]
6. Pour la route [for the road]
7. Café et autres choses [café and other things]
8. On my way
9. Sausage.
10. pants, passports ‘n’ peas
11. planes, pants ‘n’ peas
12. peas.

Although I appreciated the alliterative brilliance of ‘planes, pants ‘n’ peas’, or indeed the insightful simplicity of ‘Peas’ as a blog name, in the end I went for Metro Journal.

Throughout my time spent abroad last year in Austria and France I kept a journal – the paradox of course being that when you actually have interesting things to say you’re always too busy to write anything in it. So I would often write on my metro ride to work every morning in Paris, usually trying to strike the perfect balance between scribbling down the local tips and recommendations I amassed and not trying not to look like a maniac with bits of scrap paper flying everywhere.

This, then, is Metro Journal, and I will be writing about all sorts- the Year Abroad, life with graduation looming, and things I love and want to share. Post your comments, I’d love to hear from you!




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