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Niepy: the sound of silence

We’re on the beach in Nusa Lembongan, an island just southeast of Bali. The weather was P1060885glorious for approximately one hour when we arrived yesterday, before it promptly turned (much, I’m sure, to the delight of people moaning about how cold it is at home) into a cold rainstorm which hasn’t stopped since.

Matt’s just flown here from Java where he spent two weeks with a couple of friends. He arrived covered head-to-toe in bites, nackered because of rats running around outside his room all night, with a shellshocked look in his eye because of what a barren wasteland Jakarta is. “Crap food, mean people,” apparently. To top it off one of our poor friends was struck down with typhoid the entire time. Travelling’s been a walk in the park for me in comparison! Continue reading

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