Fashion Edit: Wellie-Free Glastonbury

Tentative Glastonbury weather forecasts are looking very promising indeed. Michael Eavis himself has said that conditions are looking perfect on Worthy Farm. With that in mind, I’ve chosen three outfits with one common denominator: no wellies. That’s right, I’m boldly leaving my wellies at home (well, in the car just in case…) and embracing the sturdy ankle boot. Way more comfortable and warm-weather friendly, but still ready for a bit of mud and mucky portaloos.

Here’s an ASOS-ified version of how my festival outfits are going to look this weekend…


Glastonbury Friday


Glastonbury Saturday


Glastonbury Sunday


Having been to Glasto a fair few times already and making every festie fashion fail under the sun (white jeans one year. Mud-caked in minutes) I hope I’ve learnt a thing or two about what to wear. Jeans are a no-no for me because they inevitably get soaked, muddy, and you have to throw them away. I’m going for the dress/shorts and long socks look, prettier and much more versatile, and pairing it up with a parka and hands-free bag. Lastly, layer up! It gets freezing at night so bring your woolies.

Other packing tips? Bring bin bags (they double up as something to sit on in the field), tissues, hand gel and a torch. My smartphone will run out of juice before the first acts even start on Friday so I’m bringing a remote charger, otherwise you could go old school and revert to your old Nokia brick. That’s pretty much all you need! Oh, and plenty of face wipes.

Last thing: don’t be that person that sticks their umbrella up mid-gig at the first sign of rain. It blocks the view of the stage for the poor sods behind you. Get yourself a waterproof and embrace it!

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