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This week was quite a hectic one with not one but two interviews to prepare for. Cue lots of running around London, ransacking my wardrobe in search of a good outfit and just visualising the large glass of wine waiting for me at the end of it. So it was a nice surprise when I saw a little handwritten envelope waiting for me on the doormat postmarked Nashville, TN. My Dad shouted up, ‘Kate- there’s something from America for you here!’

The card was from Hailey, a lovely friend of mine from across the pond, and even though it was just her having a natterwpid-IMG_20130520_095523.jpg about this and that (mostly our main topic of conversation, boys) it seriously brightened my day. After getting a great response on Instagram from fellow lovers of cute postcards and stationery, it seems I’m not the only one to appreciate a handwritten note from far-flung friends.

In an article for travel site Matador, Candice Walsh argues that in the age of tweets and quick e-mails, receiving a letter seems special “because it requires more thought, more time, and some creativity”. This is particularly true for students who, at the bittersweet end of a Year Abroad, find their friends suddenly scattered across the globe. For those whose friends don’t appreciate the fine art of letter writing, Walsh suggests Interpals or Penpal World as great resources for finding thousands of potential penpals. You could even extend an invitation over Facebook or Twitter- who doesn’t love receiving postcards?

As for what to write, Walsh has a few hints: don’t take forever to reply, seek out people with different interests to your own, and keep it short. For me it’s as good an excuse as any to invest in new stationery. I love Liberty’s range of Royal Flamingo notecards, and anything by Quill London- these sets are to die for! (Yes, notecards can be to die for.)
Happy penpalling!

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