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Food Lover: creative cooking on the 5:2 diet


Two weeks in and I’m rather enjoying this Fast Diet lark. And so, it seems, does the entire adult population of the UK- you only have to glance at the plethora of 5:2 variations in Waterstone’s to see how much of a bandwagon it is that I’ve jumped right on. This is probably because it really doesn’t feel like a diet at all- I eat what I want most days and quite like the challenge of having to be creative with recipes on the 2 fast days. Waking up with a flatter stomach than normal the next morning is just the icing on the cake, as it were. Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Treats: Raw Chocolate

IMG_3423The first encounter I had with raw chocolate came in a tribal village in Northern Thailand. It was a chocolate tantric meditation session with 30 others: we each took a delicious ball of handmade raw chocolate and, turning to the person next to us, rubbed the chocolate on their lips like lipstick whilst feeling your heartbeat increase with the ensuing endorphin kick.

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