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The Colour Run 2013: sun, sweat, and paint


Last weekend’s Colour Run was a lot of fun. I say fun- let me just qualify that by saying as fun as a 5k run can be on the hottest afternoon of the year being blasted with powder paint at every kilometre. Me, Matt and Debbie joined about 15,000 other Colour Runners at the start line at Wembley Park and proceeded to sweat. A lot.

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Best Festival in the World

Yet again Glastonbury lived up to its reputation- what an epic weekend. Just about back to feeling human again after Monday morning in the office having got back at 3am.. Killer. The sleep deprivation and perpetual hangover were completely worth it, of course. Here’s a few pictures of what we got up to…


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Coach picnic purchased, backpack completely overpacked, ankle boots ready– and I’m heading down to Somerset after work tonight. Boom. Hard to contain my excitement, especially since it coincides with my birthday tomorrow!
I’ll be mostly internet-free this weekend so in the meantime make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’, and as a treat (especially to everyone perhaps slightly jealous and sick of me banging on about it) here’s a selection of quite awful pictures from past Glastonburies. Including one of the aforementioned white jeans. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.

If you’re also Glastonbury-bound this weekend, get in touch and we can meet up for a cider. Equally if you’re sick of hearing about the G word let me know what you’re up to instead by leaving a comment below! Happy early Friday everyone!

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Fashion Edit: Wellie-Free Glastonbury

Tentative Glastonbury weather forecasts are looking very promising indeed. Michael Eavis himself has said that conditions are looking perfect on Worthy Farm. With that in mind, I’ve chosen three outfits with one common denominator: no wellies. That’s right, I’m boldly leaving my wellies at home (well, in the car just in case…) and embracing the sturdy ankle boot. Way more comfortable and warm-weather friendly, but still ready for a bit of mud and mucky portaloos.

Here’s an ASOS-ified version of how my festival outfits are going to look this weekend… Continue reading

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My (sort of) Yoga Routine

yogaposesOK… so 3 days into full-time work I’m already a self-proclaimed expert on office-based posture pests. Tight calves from clopping around in heels, achey handbag shoulder, slouching in front of a computer all day… sound familiar? During my 6 month internship in Paris my back problems did my head in so I’m determined not to let it get any worse, and luckily this time round I’m much better equipped to sort my posture out.
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Slideshow: Payday Wishlist


Good news this week- I got a job!! All the hard work paid off and I move out of the cozy world of post-uni unemployment on Monday. The most exciting part is finally being able to window shop without having to sigh and walk away/ wince when buying things my overdraft won’t thank me for. Here’s what I’m considering treating myself to when that first wonderful paycheck comes in (what better excuse?) Continue reading

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Beauty Haul – Paris Pharmacie


Before I fill you in on this week’s French goings-on, let’s get our priorities straight: shopping. After getting reacquainted with the food and wine I enjoyed so much on my year abroad, the first thing on my to-do list was to hit up the pharmacies in Paris, renowned for stocking the best skincare products in the world.
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Back Home


I’m back! Wonderful week in the continent which I’m super excited to tell you all about. So I’ll be getting reacquainted with the blog this weekend, sharing my snaps, Paris beauty edit and favourite bites to eat from the trip.

First though, a casual three hours of interviews today and a big one on Monday to prepare for… Definitely listening to my own interview advice today. Keep your fingers crossed and hit Metrojournal up this weekend!


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5 Tips to Smash Your Interview

interviewEndless applications, CV drafts and redrafts, working for free… the job hunt continues. I know a lot of you are in the same boat- sucks, doesn’t it? With that in mind I thought I’d put together a few of the interview tips I’ve gleaned from various sources- my time in a recruitment firm, the couple of interviews I’ve had recently and my fount of knowledge, my mother.
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Chai Tea TLC

image Now this weekend I had big plans to bring you a Bank Holiday Brunch special with cinnamon bagels, juice and my version of eggs benedict– it was going to be beautiful, trust me. Unfortunately yesterday I went and got myself knocked off my bike, somehow simultaneously bashing up my chin, elbow, knee and head in the process. See my battered bike helmet above- that, kids, is why you always wear a helmet. Continue reading

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