When I decided to start a blog about travel, fashion, food, and life as a language student, I turned to my comedian friend Dave for name inspiration. The name has to be short and interesting, I said, as well as original. I felt his creativity would prove invaluable in this dilemma. After 5 minutes of thought he replied with the following names:

1. Raand ‘an’ abaat (pun on the london way of saying round about)
2. or Round ‘n’ about
3. Jusqu’ici [up to now]
4. Steh auf – es gibt viel zu sehen [Get up – there’s lots to see]
5. Auf dem Weg [on the road]
6. Pour la route [for the road]
7. Café et autres choses [café and other things]
8. On my way
9. Sausage.
10. pants, passports ‘n’ peas
11. planes, pants ‘n’ peas
12. peas.

Although I appreciated the alliterative brilliance of ‘planes, pants ‘n’ peas’, or indeed the insightful simplicity of ‘Peas’ as a blog name, in the end I went for Metro Journal.

Throughout my time spent abroad last year in Austria and France I kept a journal – the paradox of course being that when you actually have interesting things to say you’re always too busy to write anything in it. So I would often write on my metro ride to work every morning in Paris, usually trying to strike the perfect balance between scribbling down the local tips and recommendations I amassed and not trying not to look like a maniac with bits of scrap paper flying everywhere.

This, then, is Metro Journal, and I will be writing about all sorts- the Year Abroad, life with graduation looming, and things I love and want to share. Post your comments, I’d love to hear from you!




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