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Metrojournal on


Hi guys, very excited to say that Metrojournal is now listed on! It’s a great website that lets you keep track of all your favourite blogs in one place. I’ve started using it and have come across some great blogs, so have a look and of course make sure you follow Metrojournal for all my latest posts! Just click here or on the link on the right.

Currently on the train home from Leeds after a fantastic weekend with my bff, will be letting you know what I got up to in the next post… Katie x

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Food Lover: a diet-sceptic’s trial of the 5:2


First of all, let’s be clear: I am anti-diet and proud of it. The words ‘life’s too short and diets are for losers’ have been known to come out of my mouth. Too many of my naturally beautiful female contemporaries are listening when the media dictates women’s shape. I despise calorie counting and denying oneself life’s pleasures: live for the moment! Be proud of how you are! These are my mantras.

However, last week I realised I could no longer fit into my work trousers.

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Summer Fitness: the Killer Hill Challenge


Around where I live we’re lucky enough to have miles and miles of rolling hills which, on sunny days like these at least, rival the South of France. So instead of joining the gym this Summer (this unpaid intern’s putting the money saved towards treats like these) I’m dusting off my neglected road bike and hitting the pedals. Continue reading


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Instagram: Spring ’13

I’m a huge Instagram fan and am always snapping away. Follow me here!

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Bank Holiday Treats: Raw Chocolate

IMG_3423The first encounter I had with raw chocolate came in a tribal village in Northern Thailand. It was a chocolate tantric meditation session with 30 others: we each took a delicious ball of handmade raw chocolate and, turning to the person next to us, rubbed the chocolate on their lips like lipstick whilst feeling your heartbeat increase with the ensuing endorphin kick.

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