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I’m back! Wonderful week in the continent which I’m super excited to tell you all about. So I’ll be getting reacquainted with the blog this weekend, sharing my snaps, Paris beauty edit and favourite bites to eat from the trip.

First though, a casual three hours of interviews today and a big one on Monday to prepare for… Definitely listening to my own interview advice today. Keep your fingers crossed and hit Metrojournal up this weekend!


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  2. Io mi ritengo dipendente dai videogiochi, che siano online (me gratis) o sul mio pc ci passo ore, se non giornate. Perdo il senso del tempo che passa. E finito uno si pensa al successivo.

  3. I have no stake in the outcome of the Full Tilt Poker story plus only recent superficial knowledge of what went on. But on the surface, his statements seem logical. I am not usually gullible, but if I heard or saw him in action I may change my opinion.

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  5. Dang, I love that Whedon guy…Chris, I need to schmooze with you and find out just HOW you snagged him. Seriously. Researching minds need to know.I'm thinking "I love very hard" may be a great title for something I write…not sure what yet, but oh, it will be there on an essay sometime…

  6. She is divine! It's so refreshing to hear someone speak about how valuable having character is, rather than looking how everyone else does. She isn't a slave to fashion, and it's so very inspiring!

  7. Oh my gosh, Jess, you’ve started the tears rolling for me this month. My heart is so full of happiness for your family and all the wonderful times you’ve got ahead of you. <3

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