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Sun, sea, cycling and scallops

Last week I took a little trip on the Eurostar to meet my Dad and the bike4good team at the end of their London-Paris in 24 hours epic. As good an excuse as any, I reasoned, to do a bit of shopping, visit my favourite Parisian spots, and head down to Pau to see Kim for a few days. The weather was a beaut, copious amounts of wine were drunk, and many artsy photos with my Dad’s fancy camera were taken…

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Beauty Haul – Paris Pharmacie


Before I fill you in on this week’s French goings-on, let’s get our priorities straight: shopping. After getting reacquainted with the food and wine I enjoyed so much on my year abroad, the first thing on my to-do list was to hit up the pharmacies in Paris, renowned for stocking the best skincare products in the world.
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Back Home


I’m back! Wonderful week in the continent which I’m super excited to tell you all about. So I’ll be getting reacquainted with the blog this weekend, sharing my snaps, Paris beauty edit and favourite bites to eat from the trip.

First though, a casual three hours of interviews today and a big one on Monday to prepare for… Definitely listening to my own interview advice today. Keep your fingers crossed and hit Metrojournal up this weekend!


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What I’m Reading in the Bath

I usually have about three books on the go– one in my handbag for the train, one for weekends, and one to read in the bath. Some of the latter have been known to get covered in bubbles but it’s worth it. Here’s what’s been in my book pile this month:
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