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Doris is the craziest, most well-travelled, zen, entertaining person I had the pleasure of meeting on my travels. She’s also the healthiest. Like, gives-Gwyneth-Paltrow-a-run-for-her-money healthy. She introduced me to raw chocolate and soon will be publishing all her delicious recipes. In her own words her blog, Feed Your Bliss, is ‘a wonderful world of awe, yum, colours, creations galore and abundance of fresh flavours, experiences and thrills, travel, connections, touch, love and pleasure of life’.

So check it out and just for my lovely Metrojournal readers, here’s her recipe for Save the Salmon Sushi:

Save the Salmon Sushi
Makes 4 nori rolls. Makes fun, easy, and a quick snatch and bite finger food at a party!

Oh the magic of sushi! The carrot pulp makes an excellent substitute for the rice and the sauce combination makes for a taste similar to that of salmon sushi. So you get a two for one, taste and vitality!

Ingredients for Rice Substitute:save the salmon sushi
-1cup carrot pulp (from freshly juiced carrots)
-2 celery stalks or 1 red pepper finely diced
-1/4 cup freshly ground black or white sesame seeds, sesame butter/tahini or sunflower seed butter
-1 tsp freshly grated turmeric or 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
-1 inch piece of ginger chopped
-1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
-1 tsp black salt (or other salt is fine)
-1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil or pumpkin seed oil
-1 tsp cumin powder
Optional: For spicy sushi add 1/4 tsp cayenne or chili powder

Sushi fillings:
-4 nori seaweed sheets
-sliced avocado
-red/yellow pepper
-fresh sunflower, radish and/orsnow pea sprouts

Loving Preparation:

-In a bowl combine the carrot pulp and celery. Set aside

-Combine the rest of the ingredients for the rice substitute in a blender until well combined

-Add the liquid to the pulp until well combined

Form your sushi: On a nori sheet place 3tbsp of the rice substitute about an inch from the edge of your sheet where you will fold. Layer the fillings on top and roll the sushi tightly. Cut immediately before it gets soggy, into 6-8 pieces using a serrated knife. Serve on a platter.

Note: You can substitute or mix the carrot pulp with beet root pulp. See the picture to get an idea of what it looks like. It makes for a beautiful presentation when you have the contrast of carrot orange and beet purple sushi.

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